we provide alternatives to alternative energy sources

We offer a host of services ranging from;

free energy power plants,

hybrid solar and wind renewable energy systems.

hybrid hho gas generators.

hybrid led lighting systems

free online free energy training.

free online free energy consultancy services.

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A community of energy experts

We are proud to present a team of energy experts from around the globe who seek to improve on the well being of mankind in every race, sphere and class. The purpose is to bring about new innovation which will not only carve our cos but also optimize productivity thereby boosting the economy. Renewable energy which is ecologically friendly is our major target plus building a community of innovators globally.

Powering rural communities

JF Green energy project is aimed at training the next generation of technicians and experts in the field of energy/power generation and in return enhance rural communities> Electrification is a major challenge and industrial clusters require power to maximize production and services. We aim at bringing lasting solutions to these problems while consolidating on gains of current technologies.

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